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J & J Excavating & Trucking, Inc takes full service to the next level. Their highly skilled workers are able to take on your project whether it is a little one or a multi million dollar project. J & J loves to work in Montana but has done work in many other states including … California, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, New York and New Jersey.

J & J Excavating & Trucking, Inc have the equipment and skilled workers ready to work your site. Whether you need a pond dug, your pond cleaned out, your dream home site cleared and prepared and it just happens to be half way up a mountain that is covered in trees …. no problem!

Although J & J Excavating & Trucking, Inc does all types of dirt work and trucking we do love to specialize in “The WHOLE Project” all the way from clearing the site, crushing the gravel, putting in the underground utilities and building the roads. We do the smaller jobs to the multi million dollar projects.

No matter what size the job ….. you deserve to be treated like royalty by the King himself … John King!!

About Us

J & J Excavating & Trucking, Inc was established in July 1987 by John King. John not only reached his goal of building a business but has established himself as a highly sought after employer. Quality individuals meeting John’s high standards, wishing to ply their trade in the state of Montana, can rest assured that they have found an employer who is well known and highly respected.

Services offered are demolition, snow removal, ponds, hauling, heavy equipment, septic systems, site prep, road building, custom crushing, sand and gravel sales and EXPERT excavation.

Community Involvement

  • I am now a repeat customer of J&J

    1st time I worked with J&J – Last year i was care-taking a large Ranch for DA Davidson and the primary road washed out for a quarter mile stretch up Wyant lane. My tractor slid off the road while trying to divert the spring run off and i knew that i was in over my head with the road. I called J&J Excavating and told them i was stranded on the mountain with a 10 foot wide creek running down my road. They dropped everything and came right up. They went out of their way and got my tractor back on the road for me and helped me get it started. They immediately had dump trucks of gravel, graders and excavating equipment on site. they had my road passable in a day. They installed three large culverts and raised the entire road for us so that this wouldn’t happen again. I went back up this year to check out how it was holding from all the run off we have been having and the road looks as good as the day they made it.

    2nd time with J&J – I bought a new home, had a well drilled and plumbed into new home. The company that did the well accidentally hit my septic system. Called J&J to repair it and they came out after hours (around 5pm) with a crew and dug up my septic and fixed the lines. I thought it was going to be an added couple thousand dollars and it was 1/4 of what i had anticipated. On after hours labor too!

    I must recommend this company to others as they are very good people. I will be calling in for a new driveway as soon as the ground dries out.

    Thanks again guys!

    Jay Stratemeyer
  • to the awesome crew at J&J Excavation, thanks for getting a very important job done in lightening time! Come see us at Hamilton Farmers market may 5th. where we will be dancing in the streets now paved curb to curb! Thank you!

    Laura Craig, Hamilton Farmers Market Manager
  • To whom it may concern,

    We recently completed the stock farm recreation center expansion with J&J Excavation. The project was a fast track project that left us with minimal time to complete the site work in the warmer months.A good portion of the site work had to occur during the dead of winter. The winter of 2016/2017 was unusually cold and was noted in the Missoulian as being one of the three coldest winters on record (Missoulian 1/16/17). In addition to the cold, our project was centered on a large granite rock formation that required almost every scoop of soil to hammered out the solid rock. John King and his crew worked very hard and made sure that their portion of the project was complete on time and on budget. I look forward to working with J&J Excavation and the King family in the future.

    Travis Frey, VP Western Montana Operations Martel Construction, Inc.
  • To Whom it may concern: John King, operating as J&J Excavating was contracted by Massa Home Center to prepare road base at a pit near Corvallis. The work was completed as agreed within a reasonable amount of time. The road base was to our specifications and we were satisfied the contract had been completed, Sincerely, Linda Massa – Massa Home Center Treasurer.

    Massa Home Center
  • To the J&J Family, We want to thank you for your support and professionalism in providing us with  your superior screened topsoil. Our project included removal of 25 seventy foot blue spruce (which we planted 42 yrs ago), stump grinding, the placement and contouring of 15 truckloads of J&J sandy loam topsoil. With John’s OK, Denise coordinated all deliveries on time with her exceptional people-person skills and patience.Your drivers arrived on time, placed deliveries with exceptional precision without any damage to adjacent landscaping. They were friendly and accommodating. A special thanks to Rick.My wife and I initiate and complete all of our projects. We are most grateful to the J&J family for playing a major part in our new 11,000 square foot lawn as well as providing soil for our raised 10″X 100″ bench where 12 newly planted 6 ft blue spruce now thrive.  With great appreciation , Ron & Janet Perrin

    Ron & Janet Perrin
  • J&J Excavating and Trucking did an outstanding job getting out site prepped to build a shop. There was a ton of earth moving that needed to be done and the crew did a great job. John was always able to answer any questions I had and is a great man to work with. Our family appreciates everything John King has done for us and will highly recommend J&J businesses in the future.

    Brad Coty
  • John King has preformed construction work for me at 1240 north first street, removing foundations and septic tanks. restoring the ground to satisfactory condition in a timely manner. John also installed approximately 400 yards of sewer pipe for me to the satisfaction of the city of Hamilton, Montana passing inspection with out a problem. I would highly recommend John to anyone needing construction work of this nature.

    Tom Kimp
  • Mr. John King, I wanted to take a moment on behalf of myself and my business group on this latest project you completed for us.
    When you met Oct 12 with the business group and went over the completed project and went over our punch list, Remarkable there were only a handful of little things on that punch list. This is the 4th project over the last 20 years you have done for us, I have known you for at least 35 years When I first met you and watched you grow up and start your own business I had no idea the young boy I once knew would achieve and grow into such a motivated, business owner that kept his honesty, integrity thru out the years and growth, My business group and myself just stood and gawked at this finished product you have handed to us, It was supposed to be a 40 month project and you completed it way ahead of schedule. I think actually it took you 32 months to complete, I can`t say enough about this project the size of it, the complexity of it and you worked thru all the kinks etc..the best part Mr. King your company did ninety percent of it in house without a bunch of sub contractors to worry about. We can`t thank you enough you came in at budget and produce us a product that is so amazing I`m not sure I can open the doors to our clients to come and use quite yet its that nice and that remarkable quality that we can`t quite get over, My business group said on the next four projects that will be coming up soon that your our contractor and the projects will not be bid out to others, I hope Mr. John King you get to take a little time and go Elk hunting this fall like you used to. I remember a few pack trips with you that I still have never forgotten, Thank You for the respect, Honesty, integrity that you have shown myself and my business group , By the way the next project will be a bit bigger 15,000 square feet on 650 acres. Can`t wait for it to start. Thank You John King, and Thank your crews You’re a amazing person,Friend, and very fortunate to have the privilege to know you. – Bruce Bourne

    Bruce Bourne
  • J&J Excavating and Trucking has worked on the Lubrecht Forest crushing gravel for both the Montana Dept. of natural resources and conservation and the university of Montana Lubrecht Experimental forest. Starting in the fall of 1997 through the first part of 1998 they produced approximately 13,000 yards of 1 1/2″ gravel for the DNRC. In spite of set backs from vandals into equipment, J&J was able to adjust their operation so as to meet there obligations to the state. During the same summer of 1998 J&J crushed 11,900 cubic yards of 3 1/2″ gravel for the DNRC and 3,000 yards for the Lubrecht Forest. This makes a total of 6,000 yards of material produced for the Lubrecht Forest. The operations and reclamation plan for this pit submitted to the Montana department of environment. Quality required that a limited about of area be disturbed at one time. this restricted the room that J&J had to work and stock pile material. John King was able to adjust his operation to fit these requirements and still meet the needs of the general contractor he was working under. in September 1999 J&J crushed at another location, approximately 2,000 yards of asphalt material for the Lubrecht Forest on all of these projects J&J has been easy to work with, reasonable priced and has fulfilled their contractual obligations with the University in a competent and timely manner. I would recommend them for projects in the future.

    Frank Maus, Lubrecht Forest
  • Dear John, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Thanks for everything you did for us and I hope things are going well for you. Karen and Bruce Details of the Recommendation: “John and his J&J Excavating crew were amazing to work with and we are very happy with our results. John built our road using gravel from our property. This allowed him to shape the hole to hold water in the summer for the beginnings of a pond. He crushed the gravel onsite, dug our hole for the foundation work, put in our septic system and dug lines for water, electricity and telephone. John was hands-on during our project and available whenever we needed him. He is reliable, honest and fair. Following our building project the ditch company accidentally cut our telephone wire and John came back at no cost to re-dig the line to get us back in business. In addition, John was helpful in guiding us to other fantastic subcontractors. I would ask John King and J&J to assist us again in the future. I highly recommend J&J Excavating for any individual who wants a job completed in a top notch manner.”

    Karen Stout
  • Dear John,

    J&J with oversight from WET restored and reseeded all area around the perimeter of the Peterson Flat Substation, including the damaged wetland area. J&J preformed work in a timely manner all tasks associated with the restoration were achieved. Thank you again, it’s always a pleasure working with your crew.

    Jay Slocum

    It came out costing a little more that I had hoped, but about what I had figured it would be with all the work that you did. We will give you a call next spring when we decide what to do.  I am sure we will want some gravel to rebuild the turnaround for the trailer. We appreciate you keeping your costs low. You are very easy to work with and that makes things go smoothly. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.



    Ira T. Holt
  • John,

    Just a note to say thanks for all that you have done. It’s nice to work with someone that knows what they are doing and has the know how to get the job done. As I have said if I hear anyone looking to get any work done i will highly recommend both you and your company. Mike Brown of Brown’s construction company, Ill be happy to give you both recommendations.

    Dick Peralta
  • I have worked with J&J Excavating for many years on numerous projects such as ponds, grading, parking lots, road building and gravel boulder sales. In all of those experiences , they have a; ways been prompt, efficient and courteous. J&J excavating is the type of business that will take time out to explain your questions in “layman terms” and you always deal directly with the owner. J&J has recently been working on building four miles of road in a homeowners association with myself and other members. It has been a great sense of security and confidence knowing that you have a contractor that has the same goals in mind as the homeowners association, which is to build roads that will hold and give the best work for you money. J&J has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. If you are considering J&J Excavating for any of your excavating needs, you need not look any further. Through my experiences with J&J excavating, I would highly recommend them for any of you excavation needs.



    Todd Johnson
  • J&J Excavating and Trucking made 4,300 yards of road base for the Sapphire Pre-Mix. They did quality work for us. They were dependable, honest, and very good to work with. We highly recommend their work. Please don’t hesitate to call with questions.



    Lori Simpson
  • During the first weeks of May 1996, J&J Excavating crushed 4,300 yards 1” minus for government contract for which we received the bid. Extremely difficult crushing specifications and adverse weather conditions made it tough to meet the forest service requirements for the pit. Completion of the crushing was due to the experience of John and his crew, and their willingness to go the extra mile. The forest service CEO is pleased with the gravel product. We appreciate a company that will work through the problem even if it means over-time work and weekend work. We highly recommend hiring J&J excavating for crushing rock.

    Robert J. Taylor
  • John –

    We got into Hamilton Last Thursday night, so Friday was our first opportunity to see our new road live in person…and used it, too! It is a great road, we like the little curves you designed in it and really appreciate your redesign of its path. We didn’t realize how sloped that southwestern edge would have been. Its very hard being away for such a large project; we are fortunate we had you to make the necessary adjustments to give us a perfect result

    Cyndi & Rob Krahl
  • “My family owes a lot of thanks to you. You saved my family alot of money! Still can’t thank you enough! In life you run across good AND bad people…YOU are GOOD people John. Thank you.”

  • “I have used John and his company on several occassions now. I will keep using J & J his prices are competative and there are never any hidden charges at the end of the project. J & J does very nice work and are reliable, honest and on time. I will keep using J & J and suggest others to do the same”

    Dick Swanzey
  • “I highly recommend using J & J Excavating & Trucking, Inc. I had several contractors bid out a very difficult foundation plan. John with J & J was the only contractor that came back with a good price and had the talent to do what I needed done. I wont look any farther since I have found John @ J & J.”

    Miles Whipple
  • “I have had many excavators over my thirty years in building work for me. John & J & J is the only excavator that I have had back over and over again. His prices are good, his work ethics and ability to do difficult projects for me are great. In my mind John is one of the few that can perform any job easy or hard .. he can handle them all”

    Bruce Builders