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Brian at J&J came out and gave me a quote for a driveway overhaul. Last spring we had a huge wash out and a temporary fix. This year we were determined to get it fixed and fixed right. The team showed up early and worked all day for the 4 days it took to get my driveway widened, graded, a new culvert installed, and graveled. It looks beautiful, there’s finally room to turn around, and we now have plenty of space for a new garage. Thank you Brian Jones, Ediz Reyes, Doug Vauhn, Jeff Teel, and Joe King for doing an awesome job.

Karly Flores

I have had two family members use J&J EXCAVATING AND TRUCKING INC. J&J did all the dirt work for two very large projects not one problem with there work or charges great company my family loves them and there work.Thank You John and crew.

Julie Nagel

I just wanted to email you and thank you personally , Since before the major snow of 2019 You have helped many people including my family. You have went above and beyond what is expected out of a person ,But you just kept pushing forward. I have since done some research and have found out Not only have you helped many thru this last snow storm from plowing family’s out, bringing food to others and having your crews shovel snow off of peoples roof tops and not asking for a dime. All I can say is Thank You. I see you have been buying animals at the local fairs here every year for many years and all the meat from those animals you donate to the local food banks. You are a amazing man. Your two older boys are very respectful and a delight to be around, Congratulations for the great family you have been Blessed with. I have bumped into Jake and Joe “The Senator” there both wonderful boys. I have not seen or met the two younger children ,But I`m sure there as great and respectful as there older brothers, Mr. King before this snow hit you did something for my brother that I wouldn`t in a million years expected. Do you remember my brother`s car broke down and sitting beside the road? As a good person you stopped and asked if he needed any help. Well My Brother just started a new job since he had just moved to the area, Well the day this happened was Valentines day and to many it is nothing But to my Brother and wife its a big ordeal, My brother has been away for many holidays serving our country with respect and honor. Anyway he was just starting a new job and cash was very low and slim, his shoes weren`t the greatest but you Mr.John King changed my brothers thoughts and opinion of people. You asked my brother why he was so upset and beside himself and my Brother told you that he couldn`t handle another day like today because he was broke shoes were ruined and he wanted no more than to at least get his wife some flowers. You see when they moved to Montana someone broke into there cargo trailer and stole clothes and personal items. My brother was so down and out even his wife was getting very nervous because we were all scared he would run off and get away from everything that was eating at him. You changed that when you took time out of your day took him to town and bought him a brand new set of boots and then went to the flower shop and let my brother pick out what he wanted to do for flowers and to top it off you gave my Brother $50 dollars to take his wife to dinner, My brother told me this story and we both cried along with his wife. What you did that 14 th day of February changed my brother so much for the better. My brother has nothing but positive attitude and is happier than I have ever seen him. Mr. King its not about the money its about the thought ,generosity and the care you have for others,In a million years I would have never expected to know a person that did so much for the people around him and does it over and over. The great Bitterroot Valley is Blessed to have you there ,I get so worked up and want to cry trying to type this Thank You Letter. My Brother and sister in law are sitting here with me helping me do this,None of us can keep tears clear from our eyes. Someday We hope we can repay you somehow ,Mr King it is an honor to say we know you and your a great man. Many need to learn the values of life from you the world would be a better place. God Bless you and your family your great people. By the way Thank You for the new battery you put in the car that was a delightful surprise as well.

Kelly Bley

1st time I worked with J&J – Last year i was care-taking a large Ranch for DA Davidson and the primary road washed out for a quarter mile stretch up Wyant lane for a quarter mile. My tractor slid off the road while trying to divert the spring run off and i knew that i was in over my head with the road. I called J&J Excavating and told them i was stranded on the mountain with a 10 foot wide creek running down my road. They dropped everything and came right up. They went out of their way and got my tractor back on the road for me and helped me get it started. They immediately had dump trucks of gravel, graders and excavating equipment on site. they had my road passable in a day. They installed three large culverts and raised the entire road for us so that this wouldn’t happen again. I went back up this year to check out how it was holding from all the run off we have been having and the road looks as good as the day they made it.

2nd time with J&J – I bought a new home, had a well drilled and plumbed into new home. The company that did the well accidentally hit my septic system. Called J&J to repair it and they came out after hours (around 5pm) with a crew and dug up my septic and fixed the lines. I thought it was going to be an added couple thousand dollars and it was 1/4 of what i had anticipated. On after hours labor too!

I must recommend this company to others as they are very good people. Thanks again guys!

Jay Stratemeyer

They are right there when you need them with fast and great service. They also don’t shy away from small- and weekend jobs. Very skilled and friendly employees made for a great experience and J&J Excavating also is committed to supporting the community in times of need. What a great asset to the community you are! Thank you!

Jasmin Shinn
EXCELLENT Customer service and quality work no matter how small the job. Would highly recommend this company.
Carol Stratemeyer

God bless you Mr.King for your kindness and overwhelming generosity to that elderly lady,you sir are an amazing man,can’t praise you enough,God bless always sir,

Donald Schultz
We got our tri-axle load of wood delivered yesterday from J&J Excavating and Trucking Inc. Nice big load of hardwood that will keep us warm during the coming winter. Great price too! Very clean! They dumped it exactly where we asked them too. Great customer service!
Terry Schatz
I have known J&J Excavation for many years and he and his team are a good hard working group that will get the job done for you just as you need.
Jerry Erhart
Great Company to work with!
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